Faith and Hope by Pst Joseph Ice

cropped-dsc_0852_686x960Hope is the confident assurance of a positive future. Everybody has some form of hope or the other. hope is different from a wish. bible hope is way different from wishes. bible hope,Romans 5 tells us that, it does make not ashamed. that means , if you hold unto it,it will always produce. It will deliver what it talks about. that is what it means by,it does not make ashamed.

Faith,in the light of Hebrews 11,is the substance of things hoped for… the operational word in the above mentioned text,is that, faith is the SUBSTANCE. many a time,I have heard people  call faith a currency. But faith is more than a currency. The blood of Jesus is the currency while faith is the RECEIPT.

Faith which is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,needs hope to function. matter of fact, faith draws much of its strength from hope. Faith comes and substantiates hope. Faith is tangible and the Bible says the just shall live by Faith.

Faith needs “hope pictures” of the heart(mind) to substantiate or bring to reality. In very simple terms,faith comes to give flesh and substance to what you are hoping for. Faith always works




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